House Fire in Leeds

Our client suffered fire and smoke damage to the ground floor of their property following a kitchen house fire.

The family were awoken during the night by their smoke alarm which alerted them to the danger and evacuated immediately. When Harris Balcombe were appointed we took over the claim by liaising with insurers and arranging for specialist restoration and building contractors to attend.

There was a difficult period of negotiation with insurers to ensure that our client’s claim settled with optimum results, as the initial reinstatement suggestions by insurers were far from what was required and what they were entitled to.

Insurer’s initial proposal was that the kitchen smoke damage could be cleaned and restored. However, following action by Harris Balcombe a new kitchen was negotiated as well as ground floor redecoration.

In addition Harris Balcombe negotiated settlement of a contents claim, the additional expenses incurred by the client and a sum in compensation for errors made by the insurer’s adjuster.

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