The reprocessing part of the Mainetti factory was completely destroyed by fire.


Holywell, North Wales

The Incident

Mainetti’s facility in Holywell, North Wales, was the main site of their hanger reuse and distribution facility. On the 24th May 2013, the reprocessing part of the factory was completely destroyed by fire. The smoke also left the warehouse badly damaged, and all of the new and refurbished hangers were damaged beyond use.

Our Response

We recognised that the most pressing need was obtaining alternative premises. After a brief search, we were able to help the business move into the former Hotpoint washing machine factory in Bodelwyddan, North Wales, and to organise daily transport for their existing staff. The business started operating again within seven days of the fire. Throughout the claim, the Harris Balcombe team worked to keep the insurers and their loss adjusters fully appraised of the business’s plans. We made sure the insurance company agreed on all of the major decisions, meaning there were no aspects in dispute when it came time to settle the claim.

The Outcome

Although the temporary accommodation was large enough to allow boxes of hangers to be stored on the floor, it became clear that this was not ideal as a permanent location. In light of these shortcomings, the Mainetti owners instead acquired a new factory in Wrexham, North Wales. They fitted out these facilities over a four month period, transferring the machinery from the temporary site in the final run up to the relocation, which was completed before the first anniversary of the loss.

Inevitably, there was significant disruption to supplies immediately following the fire, but Mainetti’s overseas factories were able to provide an emergency supply of new hangers. No customers were lost, and once a routine had been established in the temporary site, the business was able to continue functioning at the pace predicted before the fire, eventually growing beyond expectations. The resources in place at the new facilities exceed those of the old Holywell premises, and will thus support this positive trend. Having worked on the case from the start, we are pleased to have played an important part in delivering such a successful outcome from what could have been a major disaster.

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