Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara, Leicester

This was a case where the building was struck by lightning during the fierce storms that ravaged the country during the early part of 2014.

Sikh Temple Leicester

The Incident

What made this more incredible is that at the time of the strike there were a group of ladies in the main prayer room close to the Palki. There was internal CCTV cameras which clearly show the extent of the power of this lightning strike as the screen clearly shows a vast amount of masonry and ceiling tiles collapsing on or around this group of ladies and miraculously no one was injured other than one elderly lady in her late 80’s went to hospital due to shock.

The Result

The Temple has been built back to its former glory and whilst the refurbishment works were being undertaken they agreed with contractors that on certain days they would need to have temporary marquees put inside the building to enable religious events to continue and indeed continue to have numerous weddings proceed without cancelling same. The loss was over £150K. The force of nature and the amount of power meant that a number of metal purlins and walls had to be replaced and rebuilt and the entire project took nearly nine months to complete although it could have been quicker had there been the decision to stop contractors working due to the various religious events. This actually assisted insurers as it meant that the loss of donations was significantly less than perhaps they could have been and this was achieved by a larger number of members of the Temple working unselfishly to allow these religious events and weddings to go ahead

Client Comment

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