Ruxley Manor Garden Centre

The fire occurred in April 2009, and caused significant damage to the structure.

Fire damaged building



The Incident

The fire occurred in April 2009, and caused significant damage to the structure as well as the fixtures and fittings, with some rendered completely unusable. All stock in the warehouse was destroyed, and much stored in the retail area was also badly affected, creating the potential for considerable disruption to trade.

Our Response

We were appointed to prepare the settlement while the fire was still ongoing, as the client was keen to start trading again as soon as possible. As the loss occurred close to the run-up to the lucrative Christmas season, we also helped the client submit a claim under the increased cost of working section of the policy. We worked on the material damage cover, and were able to advise Ruxley on the complex issues that arose because the building was on green belt land, negotiating and managing the rebuilding work that followed demolition.

The Outcome

Our assembled specialists negotiated a substantial payment from the insurer within the first few weeks, enabling Ruxley to instate measures that meant they could continue trading. These included emergency safety works that permitted the usage of the remaining sales areas, and disguised the extent of the damage. A temporary building was constructed on the site to house replacement stock and that due for dispatch from the shop.

Thanks to our negotiations, Ruxley were also able to create an alternative to the usual Christmas grotto attraction as well as other features, and our team made sure these were covered by the increased costs of working claim. Our assistance minimised the disruption to trade, and ensured ongoing support and goodwill from their customers.

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