Benkert Group



The Incident

The fire broke out on 10th November 2010, and took four days and the work of over 100 firefighters to completely put out, at which point the building and stock had been completely destroyed, and the plant left inoperable through smoke damage.

Our Response

While the emergency services worked on the fire, we put together a team to handle the insurance claim. We examined their recovery impact plan and helped the client mitigate their losses, looking at all the options. Our focus was on the claim quantum and getting the business running again as soon as possible, in order to protect their reputation. With this aim in mind, our experts assisted them in transferring pricing issues between the sister and Scottish company, and in speedily replacing the printing presses.

The Outcome

We secured interim payments that allowed the client to retain their entire customer base and to maintain their status as market leaders. They were able to rent printing facilities in Cumbria while transferring some of their production and UK workforce to the sister company in Germany, and subcontracting other work to a Swiss firm.