The Incident

Mapco Group are Scotland’s leading dehydration and surplus food management business, supplying fish products globally. They run the country’s largest dehumidification plant from Peterhead, a fishing port in the north east, which allows them to land, process and export fish quickly. On the 15th December 2012, a storm destroyed the seawall and battered the Mapco facility, washing away most of the site.

Our Response

As Mapco is one of Peterhead’s largest employers, it was more than just the business owners who were affected by the loss. In order to avoid a complex and lengthy reinstatement program and a long period of closure, Harris Balcombe quantified, presented and negotiated a commercial agreement between the company and insurers on the owners’ behalf.

The Outcome

The company was able to reinstate in a new and improved form, and continues to thrive.