Red Fort Restaurant



The Incident

A fire in an adjacent premises in July 2009 led to extensive water damage, affecting the ground and first floor contents and the tenant’s accommodation. Trading ceased immediately, and the property was unusable for nine months.

Our Response

Loss adjusters working for the insurer initially found that the damage was minimal, but our own investigations proved it was considerably worse than expected. Our team of experts moved quickly to quantify the loss so that drying and repairs could commence. We worked closely with the surveyors and building contractors to ensure that all repairs and refurbishments were completed to meet the reopening deadline of January 2010. We also negotiated the business interruption claim with the insurance company, and helped create a promotional reopening programme which was implemented by the loss adjusters.

The Outcome

The interim payments we secured provided financial support for the owner while repairs were carried out, and the promotional programme raised publicity for the business. The restaurant was able to reopen, and turnover returned to expected levels just over three months later.