Product Recall Claims

Our support, advice and expertise bring you the best result as quickly as possible.

Product recall procedures raise complications that can affect your reputation and potentially damage your business in the long-term. Dealing with the regulatory issues and agencies while trying to work out what went wrong can be stressful, particularly when you’re also trying to manage your claim. Our experts take on this process for you, minimising disruption to your business and helping you recover as quickly as possible.

What happens when you claim

While your business may have specialist insurance cover relevant to product recall, you should be aware that your insurers will not advise you on the best position to take, or ensure that you take advantage of everything you are entitled to.

Why use us

We have extensive experience of dealing with product recall insurance claims, particularly in food manufacture and distribution, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive engineering industries. Our specialists examine your policy and prove that you have complied with conditions, making sure the insurance company accept liability quickly. We join the crisis management team, attending meetings and acting on your behalf throughout the process.

Unlike your insurers, we make sure you are fully informed of your options so you can get the best possible result. For example, it is common for major grocery retail chains to charge suppliers for costs incurred by the recall of their goods, such as removing products from shelves and handling the admin. There is often no long-term contract between the parties, so if the insurer declines these charges as part of the claim, it is likely that the policyholder will lose this customer in the future.

We can identify parts of policies that protect against setbacks such as these. For example, with our expertise, it may be possible to argue that these charges should be covered by the product rehabilitation term included in many policies, since there is a consequential impact on the business if they are not paid. In challenging cases like this, our expertise, superior knowledge and thorough investigations make a real difference to the outcome of your claim.

What we do for you

  • Prepare, present and negotiate your whole claim.
  • Co-ordinate your insurer to make sure you get everything you are entitled to.
  • Scrutinise your policy wording, and advise you on any issues relating to compliance with warranties and conditions that may affect liability.
  • Get insurers to accept liability as soon as possible to bring you a speedier resolution.
  • Take part in practice runs to test that existing crisis plans are efficient and workable in reality.
  • Work with clients to pursue relevant third parties, such as suppliers who may have provided a defective good, to make sure that the excess and other uninsured elements of the claim are covered.

Get in touch

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