12th February 2016

Frustrated family tell of delays over insurance

As the clean-up got underway after the Boxing Day floods, insurance was a key issue for many people in Croston.


Some people had insurance and could make a claim to pay for the repairs to their homes and businesses after the damage caused by Storm Eva.

But others could not afford to pay the excess and some people did not even have insurance because of the cost of the premiums.

The Lyth family, of Yarrow Close, were frustrated with the delay – more than six weeks after the floods – following a claim to their insurance company.

Teacher Helen Lyth, 42, and her husband, motorbike mechanic Robert, 47, put in a claim of more than £22,500.

Helen said: “At this point in time we’ve not had one single penny from the insurance company.”

Director Alex Balcombe said: “If you take a typical residential street, you have perhaps got 40 per cent of claims moving at a good pace, you have got 40 per cent of claims moving at an okay pace and 20 per cent of the claims that are being dealt with shockingly badly.

“What we keep saying is it’s the usual suspects. Insurers that respond well in the quiet times respond well in the busy times because there is a corporate culture of dealing with things properly.”

He encouraged people to shop around when buying insurance. He said: “It’s a mistake for people to just go online and look for the cheapest possible premium. They need to find a premium that covers them for what they need.”

But some people struggle to get insurance cover at all.

Insurance cover for areas that have flooded or are at risk of flooding has been a hot topic in recent years and the Government is launching a scheme in April to help those whose homes have been affected.

This was reported in the Lancashire Evening Press – Full Article can be read at http://www.lep.co.uk/news/local/frustrated-family-tell-of-delays-over-insurance-1-7727060

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