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Glasgow School of Art Fire


Glasgow School of Art Fire

Update 28/4/15 The project, headed up by Nick Balcombe, continues to move forward and in the last few weeks a significant step was taken towards the restoration of the Mackintosh Buildings MORE >

Flood sign image for preventing flood damage post

How To Prevent Flood Damage

While certain areas of the UK are more prone to flooding than others, burst pipes, sewage problems, extreme weather, and other external causes mean that most UK homes have the potential to be flooded at some point or other.

Regardless of their cause, floods generally hit suddenly and unexpectedly. That said, there are certain measures UK homeowners could take to help prevent flood damage to their home.


Your Business & Life Insurance: Things to Consider

Business insurance is designed to protect companies from losses that could occur, should a serious event impact the normal running of the organisation.

Business insurance can come in varying forms: from product liability, property insurance, employee-related risk insurance, such as worker’s compensation, to business life insurance.


4 Things That Can Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

Home insurance policies are complicated things at the best of times. You might look at the premium you’re asked to pay and wonder: “How did they arrive at that figure?”

When calculating your premium, insurers take a lot into consideration. This is just a small list of the sort of things that will be taken into account when devising the figure.

Some of these things are obvious. Others…less so. MORE >

#duckietravels BIBA2016

Following the success of our competition called #duckietravels at BIBA 2015 we will be doing the same this year.

Last year The HB Duck made it to Australia, China, Morocco, Antigua and many other exotic locations

The rules are simple…

Take a picture of our duck, tweet the picture to @harrisbalcombe with #duckietravels and the person who takes the duck the furthest distance from Manchester Central M2 3GX (as judged by google maps) before 30/9/15 will win £500.

It has to be clear from your picture where you are ie you can’t take a picture next to a pool and simply claim you’re in New Zealand.

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