Loss Adjusters

Insurance companies are generally reluctant to pay out large settlements to policyholders. They might therefore call upon a loss adjuster to investigate your case. Insurers and their loss adjusters may visit your damaged property in order to gather the sort of evidence that might negate your claim.

To counter this, Harris Balcombe will actively work to prove that you are entitled to compensation. Our chartered loss assessors will ensure that you receive the fair and equitable settlement to which you are entitled.

How Will Harris Balcombe Help You?

We will visit the site of your loss, whether it’s your home or your place of business. We will carry out a site survey and assess the damage, recording details and taking photographs where necessary.

Fires, floods, thefts and extreme weather can often leave buildings exposed and vulnerable. We will therefore put you in touch with local tradesmen, who will board up doors and windows so as to safeguard your property from any further theft or damage.

They will also help you with the more essential repairs that might be required. We will supervise all construction workers and clean-up companies throughout their work, ensuring that they perform a safe and thorough job.

Harris Balcombe chartered loss assessors will work to safeguard not just your claim, but also your property. We will strive to gather irrefutable evidence of your entitlement before helping you to restore your damaged property to its rightful state.

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