25th July 2017

Previous Customer Interns at Harris Balcombe

We were delighted to have Niall, 17 years old and a previous customer, intern with us for a week in July. He wanted to try his hand at loss assessing, having been so impressed with the help received when tragedy struck his family home.

Niall - Harris Balcombe Summer Intern

Harris Balcombe are absolutely delighted to have had Niall Holohan, aged 17, intern in our Timperley office (serving the Greater Manchester area) for a week in July.

We are especially proud of this, as Niall interned with us as he is one of our past customers: he and his family were the victims of a huge fire that destroyed his family’s home. Niall was the first to hear the fire alarm and alerted his family and neighbours to keep everyone safe. The fire service said that only a matter of minutes would have made it impossible to find a way out, meaning that Niall’s actions helped prevent a family tragedy through his clearheaded thinking and initiative.

After the blaze, Harris Balcombe stepped in to reassure and help the family with the insurance claim, to enable them to get the full compensation they deserved after the tragedy – with our project management, the property was fully renovated by our network of suppliers, the family was assisted with alternative accommodation in the meantime and also received full compensation for everything that they were entitled to, including their contents claim.

Niall was so impressed by the service, help and reassurance provided during this awful time, that it inspired him to do an internship with Harris Balcombe to see if a career in loss assessing would allow him to help others in the same way, during equally difficult times for others.

During his time with us, Niall got an introduction into the world of loss assessing by helping our team to research and prepare a content’s claim, working on additional expenses claims, going through CILA webinars about policy issues in the industry and partaking in discussions with the rest of the team – we hope he enjoyed his time here.

It was a pleasure to have Niall for the week, having his first-hand experience of a house fire and feedback on customer treatment was invaluable, as was his engagement and enthusiasm.


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