I would recommend Harris Balcombe to anyone… they are wonderful, they are really really caring.

We were introduced to Harris Balcombe by our solicitor and after meeting them they immediately took everything out of our hands. They dealt with the insurance company, the builders, the movers and everybody who was giving us trouble and strife

We as a club firmly believe that without your input we would never have seen the insurance claim pay out that we did

The whole process was a mine field but with you on board it was one less headache at a time of extreme stress for everyone involved with the club. I would not hesitate in recommending your company.

Harris Balcombe helped us claim more

We’d have got possibly 70% or 80% of the claim that we did if we hadn’t had Harris Balcombe in place.

Very impressive

Jeremy, Ernest and myself were very impressed with the way you handled the meeting on Wednesday. We didn’t get chance to thank you on the day… but you were very impressive and we were glad you were on our side.

We were out of our depth

Quite frankly we were out of our depth and would have failed miserably had we not had your experience, knowledge and skills to rely upon.

Your help ensured we recovered all costs relating to the claim

Your help ensured we recovered all costs relating to the claim, including those which only came to light at the end, which I did not think we would get.