If Your Favourite TV Show Characters Paid Insurance, How Much Would It Cost Them?

If television characters were real-life people, how much would their insurance payments be?
We calculated insurance figures for three popular TV shows and analysed them against national averages.

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Big Bang Theory

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Use the icons to find out how much insurance popular TV show characters would have to pay:

Logo Big Bang Theory Contents Insurance

Big Bang Theory Contents Insurance

Policy Holder: Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon would have to pay £285 per year (£172 more than the UK average) to insure Apartment 4A based on £30,000 worth of belongings and £3,850 worth of specified items including 1 TV, 2 laptops and 8 game consoles.

Annual Contents Insurance Cost Estimate
What this covers: Contents, specified items and accidental damage.


Total Contents Estimate


Personal Possessions Cover


Specified Items Cover
(items worth more than £350)



Contents estimate sourced via items on Google Shopping

Contents insurance estimate sourced via Compare the Market

Sheldon Cooper Image via CBS

Bozeman Reaction Image via Wikia


Insurance Claim Example

Season 3 Episode 13: The Bozeman Reaction

In the episode where Sheldon’s TV, 17 video games, 2 laptops and 8 game consoles are robbed, this would’ve cost approximately £4,850 to replace!

Total Claim: £4,850

Insurance Claim Example

If the Coffee House were to ever suffer damage from a fire (hopefully not from Rachel’s straightener or Phoebe’s candles), Terry would’ve had to claim an estimated £25,000 to replace all stock and contents!

Total Claim: £25,000

Insurance Claim Example

Season 1 Chapter 4: The Body

In a panicked attempt to rescue her son Will who appears to be trapped inside the “upside down”, Joyce rips down her wall. In a real-life situation, this would’ve cost an estimate of £1,500 to repair.

Total Claim: £1,500