What is a Loss Assessor?

If you are a policyholder and you need to make an insurance claim, a loss assessor will manage your entire claim from start to finish. They will help with every stage of your claim, from the paperwork to the more practical aspects. They will always strive to ensure that you receive the best and most equitable settlement.

A loss assessor can be called on to help with all manner of loss-related insurance claims. Perhaps your business or property has been damaged by fire, flood, storms or subsidence. Or perhaps theft has robbed you of the irreplaceable. In any case, a qualified loss assessor will work on your behalf to ensure that you receive the settlement to which you are entitled.

What Is The Difference Between A Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

Broadly speaking, a loss adjuster is working on behalf of an insurance company. A loss assessor, on the other hand, is the only party in the process working solely for your benefit.

A loss adjuster is a claims specialist who might be called upon by an insurance company to investigate a complex or contentious claim. They are responsible for establishing the cause of a loss and to determine whether it is covered by your insurance policy. They will therefore visit the site of the loss in order to gather evidence and assess damage. They will then present the insurance company with a report, recommending appropriate payment based on their perceived validity of the claim.

Because they are in the pay of insurance companies, loss adjusters might actively work to secure the lowest possible settlement. They are ostensibly hired to find evidence that could negate your claim. For that reason, it is important to have a qualified loss assessor fighting your corner.

What Does A Loss Assessor Do?

A chartered Harris Balcombe loss assessor will handle every aspect of your claim process. They will meet with insurance company representatives, or their appointed loss adjusters, in order to negotiate the best possible claim settlement for you.

A loss assessor can also be called upon to assist in cases where an insurance company has declined a claim, or where settlements have been otherwise delayed.

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