When to Appoint a Loss Assessor

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Harris Balcombe is the oldest and most respected claims recovery specialist in the UK. Having helped thousands of clients receive the settlements they deserve, time has taught us that preparing and presenting a claim is just as important as negotiating and settling a claim. For best results, it is therefore vital that you enlist the services of a loss assessor as early as possible – ideally as soon as you know you’ve got an insurance claim on your hands.

Many people make the mistake of only appointing loss assessors when they need them – that’s to say, when things go wrong. The reality is that unfortunately, things can and often do go wrong during the insurance claims process.

What Happens When You Make a Claim?

When you submit a claim, your insurance company may appoint a loss adjuster, whose job it is to investigate the situation, and determine whether the event is covered by your insurance. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many of these loss adjusters will do all they can to reduce the insurance company’s exposure.

Drawing from the under-insurance clause, they may attempt to severely reduce the amount you are attempting to claim. In the worst case scenario, they may even state that you are not entitled to receive a settlement at all.

In some cases, your insurance company may even hire private and forensic investigators to work on their behalf. These investigators are more often than not completely unregulated, and they will go out of their way to discredit your claim.

How Can We Help You?

A loss assessor is the only party in the insurance claims process who can be trusted to work entirely with your best interests in mind. If you enlist our services as early in the process as possible, we can manage every aspect of your claim.

As part of our comprehensive service, we can:

  • Secure your property, organising emergency works and arranging for alternative accommodation where necessary.
  • Prepare, present, and negotiate your entire claim.
  • Identify the full extent of the damage, and all matters relating to both buildings and contents.
  • Co-ordinate your insurer and your loss adjusters, ensuring that you receive the full amount to which you are entitled.
  • Help you to appoint specialist surveyors and contractors, and supervising their work through to the conclusion of the project.

Through appointing our loss assessors as early as you possibly can, not only will you increase your chances of making a successful claim, you will also free yourself from dealing with your insurers. This will enable you to get on with your life, and with recovery, as soon as possible.

However, if you wait until things go wrong before you appoint a loss assessor, it won’t be as easy for us to prepare and present a successful claim. We can’t stress this enough – for best results, you must appoint a loss assessor the moment you realise that you have to submit a claim.

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