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About Harris Balcombe

Unparalleled experience and expertise, combined with complete transparency and independence.

Meet the team
Working on a claim is a team effort and we have the strongest in the industry

Unparalleled experience and expertise, combined with complete transparency and independence.

Why choose us?

Here at Harris Balcombe, we understand how unfortunate it is to suffer any kind of damage which leads to an insurance claim, and that’s where our team is here to help with every aspect of your claim. With over 140 years experience, we’ve dealt with individual homeowners, landlords and big businesses commercially. You can be certain that your claim will be dealt with the utmost professionalism and timeliness.

With Harris Balcombe on your side, you can be rest assured you have a team of the most experienced insurance claim professionals on board throughout your whole claim. Your dedicated loss assessor will guide you throughout each step of your claim, whilst helping to get you back to life as normal and your settlement payout as soon as possible.

  • Individualised service: You are not a number; we treat each client with the personalised attention and care they deserve.
  • Multi-sector experience: With experience in numerous industries, we’ve built a name for ourselves as the UK's most prestigious claims recovery specialist firm.
  • Saving you time with your claim: Knowing what to do, who to speak to and where to turn can save you time and sort the claim smoothly.
  • Reduce your stress: Making a claim requires time, energy and understanding. Having an expert to guide you can help reduce the burden and stress.
  • Keeping you in control: Whether you want to hand over the entire claim to your loss assessor or be a part throughout, the choice is yours.

Our Background

In 2008, the Harris Claims Group merged with Balcombe Group PLC to create the oldest and most prestigious claims recovery specialist firm in the UK.

The merger signalled the arrival of a new powerhouse that still maintained each of the firm’s core values. The two companies became authorised by the FSA and were responsible for driving change that improved standards across the sector. Pioneering high standards in the industry remains a key part of the firm’s work today.

Our Team

Working on a claim is a team effort and we have the strongest in the industry. We have experts in all areas of claims management and they are committed to working for you. With offices spread nationwide, we are able to call upon a wide range of skills wherever you are to best serve your claim, and to respond as quickly as possible.

Over the years, we have amassed a list of highly professional contacts, including solicitors and surveyors, whose advice and services we can use to make sure you receive the most relevant support for your case.

With our multi-sector client base, we have built a reputation in the market for being the first resort for any individual or business who needs to make an insurance claim, no matter how big or small.

At Harris Balcombe, we believe that teamwork makes the dreamwork. Working on a claim is a team effort of combined experience and expertise, and we’re proud to have our expert professionals on board to be of service 24/7.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

Harris Balcombe’s award-winning team has a combined experience of more than 140 years, which is unmatched by any other insurance claim consultancy in the UK.

No one else has our level of understanding of all types of claims, or a better track record handling them. Our conscientious approach and consistently exceptional results has led to clients continually recommending our services. Our professional attitude means we are also highly respected by insurers, loss adjusters and brokers.

Complete Transparency and Independence

Unlike other parties involved in the claims process, you are our sole priority. We work on your behalf to make sure you get everything that you are entitled to.

We thoroughly examine the fine details of your policy and aim to restore your business or home to the same state it was in before the incident, if not better. We give you the big picture, so you can pick the option that best suits you and even gain something positive from your loss.


We believe that each and every one of our valued clients are indeed our biggest assets - both domestically and commercially. Displaying professionalism, guidance and care from the get-go until the settlement is paid out is top of our agenda.

Our portfolio of cross-sector clients speak for itself, from leisure and entertainment, retail, farming and agricultural, to financial and property and everything in between.


At Harris Balcombe we continue to strive to achieve excellence for each and every client. We are continuously innovating our processes and the way in which we handle claims.

We are an award-winning Insurance Claims consultancy and our awards below are testament to that.

Our values

Harris Balcombe conducts all our business foundations on these core values and cornerstones:

  • Honesty and integrity: Harris Balcombe is built on trust and being completely transparent with all of our clients, insurance companies and partners from the first interaction right until the end and beyond. We approach all our professional engagements with a ‘you get what you see’ attitude; there’s no hidden agendas and fees, nor any veiled small print. We are entirely approachable and upfront with how we operate and build relationships.
  • Leadership: At Harris Balcombe, we strive to be leaders in our field rather than following the masses. Operating with a leadership mentality keeps our focus forward- thinking, fresh and innovative.
  • Growth: Growth is at the core of Harris Balcombe. We continually handle each of our clients’ claim in a bespoke manner, as no two cases are the same. We pride ourselves on continual evolution and progression in our processes, relationships and interactions both internally within the business and externally.
  • Accountability: At Harris Balcombe, we are all fully responsible for each claim which is passed our way from our clients. We take full ownership of how we represent our clients during the claiming process. This allows us to work meticulously and closely with both the client and insurer, which in turn enhances efficiency into our end settlements.
  • Dedicated Teamwork: The devoted national team at Harris Balcombe are there to hold our clients’ hand every step of the way, right from the initial interaction throughout the claims process and settlement. We believe that each of our valued clients are indeed our biggest assets. Displaying professionalism and care at every touchpoint in order to ensure client satisfaction are at the top of our priority agenda. Our team works together as a unit to offer expert guidance and signposting along the way.


At Harris Balcombe, we offer two fee structures for our clients to choose from.

  • Option 1: Zero % Model
    If you decide to use all of our support services to handle your claim for your domestic or commercial property, our services can be delivered with no direct cost to you. In this instance, our approved Chartered Surveyors and Insurance approved contractors will pay us a management fee to oversee the claim. The insurance company pays the contractors and surveyors as part of your claim, which leaves nothing for you to worry about.
  • Option 2: Percentage of Claim Value
    Some of our clients prefer to use their own contractors, or receive a cash settlement to reinstate themselves. In this instance, our fees are based on a percentage of the value of the claim plus VAT, and are payable on all amounts received by you or anybody on your behalf under the policy, third party or any other recovery process.




At this point, you would hope that your insurance company is there to help but unfortunately this is not the case. We have known families who have felt intimidated by insurers and have been treated as though they have done something wrong, or are in some way to blame for their situation.

  • Over 5000
    Successful Claims
    As the UK’s leading insurance claims consultants, you can be confident you have the best team on your side
  • Best Assessors
    Unlike other parties involved in the claims process, you are our sole priority
  • Minimise Stress
    Keep stress to a minimum by managing all aspects of the claims process
  • Get your entitlement
    Get the compensation you are entitled to by negotiating with insurers on your behalf
  • Get your life back
    Get back to normal life as quickly as possible by organising any support you need


Hassle free, no obligations is how we operate. So if you’d like to speak to us call our 24/7 Helpline on 03300229179 or email us at info@harrisbalcombe.com. Or simply click the button below ...