Broker Services

We can support you in delivering a high quality service that will enhance your reputation, handling the technicalities of the claim so you can focus on your clients

Our Expertise

We have unrivaled experience in insurance claims management, helping brokers manage complex and major claims. While appointing us from the start will bring you a swifter outcome, we can join at any point. Our chartered loss adjusters, chartered accountants and chartered surveyors are experts at quantifying claims and interpreting policy terms and conditions, offering you the inside knowledge you need to get your client a fair deal.

Pre-Loss Support

As you know, the stress points in claims negotiations often come about because of disagreements over the sums insured. Our highly qualified team will ensure you have accurate sums for things like business interruption cover, which can be difficult to quantify, streamlining the process for you and your clients.

Structured Claims Service

You know what your clients need and where you could use assistance. We tailor a structured claims service to fit your exact requirements, saving you the unnecessary expense of retaining internal personnel.

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