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No amount of preparation can help you deal with the devastation caused by a disaster affecting your business and dealing with insurers simply adds to the stress.

Getting insurers to pay out can be a slow and frustrating process that can sometimes leave claimants feeling more like criminals than victims. When you make a claim, your insurers will appoint a team of loss adjusters who will scrutinise your circumstances to find a reason to pay you as little as possible.They will work with a team of professionals, such as forensic scientists and forensic accountants, to check you were adequately insured and met all the conditions of your policy. This may even result in your claim being repudiated.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Many of our clients choose to work with us because we:

  • Have more experience dealing with claims of all sizes, for a variety of industries, than any other loss assessor in the UK.
  • Have the best specialists in the industry, including accountants, adjusters and surveyors.
  • Are widely respected by a range of professionals who have worked with us for many years to give our clients the support they need.
  • Are known for consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.


How We Will Help You Get the Settlement You Are Entitled To

As the UK’s most experienced insurance claims consultants, we are used to helping clients get their business back up and running with minimal disruption.

As soon as you contact us, our award winning team will:

  • Immediately arrange to meet with you and understand your circumstances.
  • Advise you on the best course of action to take to minimise any further loss.
  • Assign a team of experts to your case. They will meticulously analyse your situation and policy to pick up on crucial points a non professional may miss.
  • Negotiate with the insurers to prevent any delays or disputes.
  • Handle all the paperwork for you, so it is presented in the correct format.
  • Explain any aspects you are unsure about.
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A result far greater than I think we would have otherwise achieved

Your attention to detail, determination and resilience guaranteed a result far greater than I think we would have otherwise achieved. Ltd
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Harris Balcombe probably saved our business…

Harris Balcombe probably saved our business… The fact they persuaded the insurance company to put substantial funds in our hands within three weeks was an important part of us being able to quickly negotiate new stock from our suppliers.

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I would not hesitate in recommending your company

We, as a club firmly believe that without your input we would never have seen the insurance claim pay out that we did. The whole process was a mine field but with you on board it was one less headache at a time of extreme stress for everyone involved with the club. I would not hesitate in recommending your company.

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