Complex Building Insurance Claims

Every construction project presents unexpected issues, but a loss during building exacerbates this already complex process. Not only will you have to deal with contractors and legal bodies, but your insurers will likely look for loopholes to avoid paying, making it harder to claim if you aren’t an expert.

Harris Balcombe have handled major construction insurance claims and contractors all risks claims for large organisations around the world. Our in-house chartered experts will take over the whole process for you, becoming the sole point of contact for a more streamlined claim. We address practical issues as well as the administrative side, taking the pressure off while you cope with the day-to-day running of your business and the rest of the project.

Trying to get a fair settlement that meets your requirements can be tricky and time-consuming as an individual. Insurance companies hire loss adjusters to investigate the situation and examine your policy on their behalf. They are not independent, and will try to use any evidence they uncover to reduce the amount your insurers have to pay. Taking on these experts alone will likely leave you having to cover parts of your loss that could have been claimed for with the right team behind you.

In contrast to these other parties, Harris Balcombe work only on your behalf to make sure you get the right deal. Our specialists negotiate with the adjusters, ensuring that your insurers accept liability quickly. Unlike other claims management firms, we have the technical knowledge to get you a comprehensive settlement. For example, we make the most of specialist clauses covering additional costs of working, increased cost of completion, delayed start up and advanced loss of profit. We draw on our years of experience to get you compensation on your terms, making a clear difference to the outcome of your building insurance claim.

We also take over management of the practical side of the claim, working with parties including the local authority, conservation officers and construction workers to secure and repair the site and help you move forward with vital work. The insurers may want you to use firms from their own supply chains, who might not represent the best value. We appoint trusted contract administrators, building surveyors and structural engineers to work on your project, so you can count on high quality results.

Dealing with a loss can feel overwhelming when you already have other things to focus on, but employing Harris Balcombe ensures you a fast, fair and stress-free settlement.

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