Fire Insurance Claims

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After your home has been damaged by a fire, getting your life back to normal can be a complex and time consuming process that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Why Use Us

Dealing with a fire insurance claim is often a painstaking process that can be emotionally and financially draining.

Insurers are likely to employ a team of experts to investigate your claim and they may even interrogate you in a way that leaves you feeling like you have done something wrong.

Our experts can help ease the pressure by looking after everything for you, so you can concentrate on taking care of the rest of your life.

We have a huge amount of experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of claimants, so you can be confident we will get you a fair outcome.

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How We Will Help You

Our team of experienced experts will:

  • Organise emergency works to secure your property and protect it from any possible further damage.
  • Ensure that disaster cleaning companies do a safe and thorough job to give you peace of mind.
  • Arrange suitable alternative accommodation.
  • Prepare, present and negotiate your claim, including any issues concerning the building and contents.
  • Co-ordinate your insurer and their loss adjusters to make sure you get the settlement that you are entitled to, whether that’s reinstatement or cash.
  • Identify the full extent of the damage, not just the visible parts. Heat, smoke and water can often have a worse effect than flames, which can lead to long term problems if not treated correctly.
  • Help you appoint specialist surveyors and contractors, so you can avoid the insurance companies’ supply chains, which might not operate in your best interests. We will supervise these parties through to the end of the project to make sure you get everything you need.



Harris Balcombe probably saved our business…

Harris Balcombe probably saved our business… The fact they persuaded the insurance company to put substantial funds in our hands within three weeks was an important part of us being able to quickly negotiate new stock from our suppliers.

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