Water Damage Claims

Whether it’s caused by an overflowing drain, a burst pipe or flooding from bad weather, water damage can have an extensive and devastating effect on your house or business. It’s not just the initial clean-up that takes time and money: trying to quantify your loss and negotiate adequate compensation with insurers can be a long and complex process if you choose to handle it alone.

Harris Balcombe can step in at any time, preparing all the paperwork, negotiating with your insurers, and managing the practical side of the loss. We make sure your property is restored to an appropriate condition, on your terms rather than your insurers’.

One very important benefit we bring to your case is getting your insurers to accept liability as soon as possible, which allows you to start claiming interim payments and to rebuild quickly. After you file a claim with your insurance company, they will hire a firm of loss adjusters to represent their interests. This is not an independent party: their aim is to investigate the damage and examine your policy to prove that you have not complied with the conditions, or that you are under-insured. In losses over £20,000, the insurance company may also hire a forensic scientist to find further data supporting the loss adjusters’ claims. None of these parties are employed to work in your best interest, and it can be hard to make your voice heard without our support.

We have over 140 years’ experience of handling water damage insurance claims, and have built up a team of in-house experts who are ready to respond to cases around the country. Arriving at the site, we secure the building to prevent further damage, and our chartered surveyors carry out a complete investigation, looking beyond the obvious impacts to get a full understanding of the scope of the works needed. They check the source of the water and for possible contamination, which could have long-term implications if not treated immediately. Having established what needs to be done, we supervise the rest of the works and clean-up companies, helping you avoid insurers’ supply chains so you can count on a high quality service.

We also take over the admin, drawing on our vast experience and knowledge to get you the best outcome. Our liability experts go through your policy and ensure your insurers accept it in full, so you can get fair compensation fast. If your home needs repairs that require you to move out temporarily, we make sure you and your family get the like-for-like accommodation your policy entitles you to. Our specialists also look at business interruption cover, highlighting terms adjusters might ignore so you can get the most from your policy. It can be hard to see past the havoc a leak or flood causes to your building, but with our help you can obtain the settlement that’s right for you, and get back to normal as soon as possible.

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